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Parties: Tea, Pot, & Political.

Re-Posted from 2011:

It's still relevant (given the current political climate).

In the "comments" following a Charles Blow Opinion column in the NY Times recently (March 3), someone wrote, "The word "liberal" is code (to 'real Americans') that the Left is the party of hippies, orgies, drugs, and anarchy. "

Sounds to me like a Saturday night in College!

If that's what being a liberal is, why would anyone be anything else?

The Culture War expresses itself in the argument between Big Government and States Rights. It come up on gun control, health care, same-sex marriage, abortion, civil rights...every hot-button social issue there name it.

The Sates Rights argument is the same one used in the 1960s to justify school segregation, and in the justify...wait for it...slavery!

So there's a long, dignified history of this argument's being used to justify Americans' God-given rights to hurt other people! their state...if they feel like it. States Rights isn't a fundamental principle of freedom! It's a rationalization used by bad actors to justify bad behavior.

The Tea Party has taken up this argument with a vengeance!

I woke up this morning and these points hit me square in the face all at once:

If you're in the Tea Party, you don't want a woman to be able to choose an abortion, but u do want a paranoid schizophrenic to be able to choose a machine gun.

If you're in the Tea Party, you believe that corporations should be treated like people, but you don't believe that sick people are should be treated like humans.

If you're in the tea party, you believe in social Darwinism just not actual Darwinism.

If you're in the Tea Party, you're for small government when it comes to taxes and gun control, but big government when it comes to women's vaginas.

If you're in the Tea Party you don't want me to be able to tell you where you can't shoot your gun, but u do want to be able to tell me where i can't shoot my load.

If you're in the Tea Party, you believe America is a Christian nation...that shouldn't help the poor.

If you're in the tea party, you're against gay marriage because it says so in the Bible and because, well, what next, polygamy?...which is in the Bible!

If you're in the Tea Party, you don't want a disenfranchised woman with no visible means of support to be able to have an abortion. It's wrong to kill a fetus. You want to force her to have the baby, raise it in squalor, under-educate it at an under-funded inner-city school so he drops out, deals drugs, graduates to violent crime, gets stuck in jail, joins a gang, kills a couple guys, proves a menace to society (all at tremendous cost in both personal anguish and society's treasure), and THEN you want to kill the electric chair. Which is WAY better than terminating a pregnancy.

THAT is the culture of LIFE! "Incoherent" is what you should be at a pot party. Not a political party.

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